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Maintaining your septic system


Service the septic...tank every 3-5 years by a state certified septic pumper. If you have any questions about what companies are certified pumpers or your tank location, contact your local county environmental health office.

Use non-quilted toilet papers...quilted does not break down well. This can cause build up and backups. Non-quilted usually results in using larger quanity, yet still breaks down faster than quilted.

Using liquid detergents...over powdered. Often times the powered detergent builds up and causes backup by clogging the inlet tee.

Conserve water...fix any leaks, such as toilets, to avoid saturation of the fieldlines. A small leak may not seem like much, but over time can overload your lines, causing failure. If your not sure what toilet, add food color to the tank, walk away for a while, when you return, if the color is in the bowl, there is a leak!

Stagger wash loads...this will keep the system from overload. Wash throughout the week, rather than all in one day.

Divert any unnecessary water away from your septic system...this will allow the system to process and clean only the water necessary.

Fill in any low areas...over the drainfield lines to avoid rain water from standing, causing the drainfield lines to become saturated and to work unnecessarily.

 DO NOT...

Use septic additives... there is no proof that any additives help your system. They do not prevent pumping, most packages even states that information. Additives can upset your system with the use of acids and other chemical solvents. The chemicals can actually corrode concrete septic tanks and distribution boxes.

Plant any trees or plants...over or near the drainfield lines. Grass is the only thing that should be on top of the drainfield lines. Roots often grow into the lines from trees and plants causing blockages.

Cover the septic system... with buildings, porches, concrete or anything else that could obstruct the access to the septic tank or cause the drainfield not to work.

Drive or park...over the tank or system. Not only is this dangerous, by possibly caving in the tank, but also causes damage to the drainfield lines.

Use garbage wastes are harmful to the septic tank. Your system may be set up to use a garbage disposal, yet it is still hard for the septic tank to process whole foods.

Dispose of trash...such as flushing feminine products, condoms, cigarettes, paper towels, cotton swabs, or put grease down the drains. Do not use excessive cleaners, this upsets the bacteria in your system. Do not put paint or chemicals down the drains.

Service due indicators...

If you are not sure if you need septic service, here are some signs:
• backs up in a toilet or tub when another one is in use, indicates the septic is full or clogged not allowing the water and waste to enter as fast as it should
 • issues with more than one toilet, only one could indicate the toilet is the problem and not the septic, two or more toilets or sinks/tubs indicate septic issues
 • washer spins out and the tub or toilet gurgles
 • slow drains
 • wet spots in the yard
 • excessive green grass at tank or lines
 • bad odors
Cody, Misty and Shane Price at Price's Septic Tank Service
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